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VODSLVoice Over Digital Subscriber Line
VODSLVoice over Dsl
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A baseline test for the listening quality (LQ) using voice over digital subscriber line (VoDSL) access technology has been studied (Musa, Opara, Shayib, & El-Aasser, 2010).
An important question for regulators is consequently how regulation is affected by developments related to IP-based voice telephony (VoIP, VoDSL).
Although the application of video over DSL promises to drive more subscribers to the service, the ability to provide VoDSL may be out of reach for many small carriers.
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"Together with Broadband Gateways, Tdsoft ensures a complete interoperable end-to-end VoDSL solution enabling carriers to choose best-of-breed solutions and products."
VoDSL takes advantage of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, which enables high-speed data communications over existing phone wires at transmission speeds ranging from less than 1 megabit per second up to 50 megabits per second.
Within a single-shelf architecture, BroadAccess supports advanced broadband services such as high-speed Internet access over ADSL, voice over DSL (VoDSL), video on demand (VOD) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, in addition to narrowband voice and data.
SigmaTel has designed support into its device for VoDSL. By seamlessly supporting mixed voice and data content, service providers and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers can offer a wide range of bundled services into the home.
The market for VoDSL loops to provide broadband services is currently experiencing explosive growth as the preferred last-mile deployment method for integrated communications providers in United States.
ZyXEL is focused on developing xDSL, cable access, VoDSL, VoIP, and broadband-sharing and wireless solutions for a large target audience including telcos, cable operators, ISPs, small-to-medium sized businesses, SOHO and institutional MxU (multi-tenant unit/multi-dwelling unit) markets.
Networking company Lucent Technologies is supplying its voice over digital subscriber line (VoDSL) technology to Optus, an Australian service provider.
The OPERA[TM] Voice and Audio Quality Analyzer supports comprehensive determination of the end-to-end quality of current and next-generation services such as VoIP, VoDSL, VoATM, ISDN, GSM, and POTS.