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VOHVillage of Hope (various locations)
VOHOutput High Voltage
VOHVirtual Office Hours
VOHVictims of Homicide (Canada)
VOHVariable Overhead
VOHVirtues of Harmony (Chinese TV show)
VOHVoltage Out High
VOHVoice of History
VOHVolatile Organic Hydrocarbons
VOHVehicle Operations - Program H
VOHVirtual Open Homes (Florida)
VOHVerkehrsopferhilfe eV
VOHVehicle Office H
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'Oho baba, voh Neither Lands ki queen nahin hai, Queen Maximum?'
Rizzo, "Vibrational overtone spectroscopy of the 4vOH + vOH' combination level of HOOH via sequential local mode-local mode excitation," J.
While, Mudgal also cautions that negative propaganda like " Voh pareshan karte rahe hum kaam karte rahe " will be counterproductive.
Ophiuchus Consulting, 170 Lillian Road, Oliver, BC VOH 1T5 Canada
Voh Winkel's keratoderma is characterized by star shaped keratosis, fibrous bands and auto amputation.
The characteristic IR absorptions of product 5 appeared at 3080-3400[cm.sup.-1] (a broad band) and 2950 [cm.sup.-1] which are responsible for vOH stretching, vOH (chelate), aromatic vCH and methylene vCH absorptions.
Voh kasam, voh iraada..." he said adding, "feels like someone just quit at the Rs 5,000 question in KBC, without using any lifeline".
The peculiar feature of the IR spectra of the complexes is the absence of vOH stretching vibration of the free carboxylic acid at 3639 [cm.sup.-1] due to deprotonation for coordination with tin(IV).