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VoiceXMLVoice Extensible Markup Language
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While SSML, SCXML, and VoiceXML are probably the most widely implemented speech standards, implementations of some of the newer standards can also be found.
In the corporate data center, orders are passed back and forth between the ERP system and the voice application to create an order in a VoiceXML page format.
Direct access to Voxeo's world-wide hosted VoiceXML IVR platform, deployed in seven sites around the world.
Avaya Interactive Response 3.0 supports web and speech technologies, including VoiceXML 2.1, while the latest release of Avaya Dialog Designer adds support for interacting with SIP signaling and Nuance 9.0 speech technologies.
The platform is VoiceXML certified and integrates with front- and back-office databases, which include data lookup and retrieval by connecting with the Aspect Enterprise Contact Server.
CCXML works hand-in-hand with VoiceXML to provide a 100% standards- and XML-based solution for any telephony application.
VoxBrowser and other VoiceXML solutions provide a truly multi-modal platform for VR applications.
engine implemented in VoiceXML and narrates the design and
Combining BEA's Workshop, SandCherry's AppDev VXML and AppTuner tools, and speech components from leading vendors provides a complete standalone development and test environment for Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.0 compliant applications with GRXML grammars.
ScanSoft SpeechPearl XML 1.0 is a new release of ScanSoft automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine, which simplifies integrating automatic speech recognition with telephony platforms based on VoiceXML 2.0 and SALT standards.
a provider of multi-service broker software for applications and media resources, and Voxpilot, Ltd., Dublin, Ireland, the pan-European VoiceXML voice services provider, have joined forces in a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement for SandCherry's SoftServer platform.