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VOCCVessel Operating Common Carrier
VOCCVoltage-Operated Calcium Channel (protein)
VOCCViolation Of Community Control (law enforcement)
VOCCVolatile Organic Compound Content
VOCCVEST Operations Control Center (NASA)
VOCCVenous Occlusion Cuff and Controller
VOCCVisa Operations Command Centre (credit cards)
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Valspar has received a patent for a method of making a coating composition comprising the steps of blending an epoxy material, a reactive diluent, and an acrylic resin; reacting the epoxy material and the acrylic resin to form an epoxy acrylate resin; dispersing the reactive diluent and the epoxy acrylate resin into water; and polymerizing the reactive diluent, wherein the aqueous coating composition formed has a volatile organic compound content of no greater than 0.4 kilogram per liter of solids.
The volatile organic compound content of all the coating materials was below 300 grams per liter (2.5 pounds per gallon).
Another important feature for Daytona USA is that with a volatile organic compound content of just 0.1 lbs./gal., the 2K top coat is virtually odor-free.