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VPVice President
VPVoluntad Popular (Venezuelan political party)
VPVideo Poker
VPVice Principal
VPVacant Possession (housing construction)
VPVideo Phone (product)
VPVollpension (German: full board)
VPVideo Processor
VPVilla Park (Orange County, California)
VPVarious Places
VPVacuum Pump
VPValor Points (gaming)
VPVapor Pressure
VPVerb Phrase
VPVirtual Programming
VPVolkspartei (People's political party)
VPVillage People (disco artist)
VPVanden Plas (British Leyland luxury car)
VPVariable Pressure
VPVirtual Path
VPValue Partners
VPVoice Processing
VPVariable Pitch
VPVictory Point
VPValkyrie Profile (video game)
VPVent Pipe
VPVillage Pump
VPViral Protein
VPVentura Publisher
VPVertebrate Paleontology
VPVeterans Preference
VPVirtual Printing (computing)
VPVariegate Porphyria
VPVital Point
VPVelocity Pressure
VPVintage Port
VPVelocity Profile
VPVendor Profile
VPViral Particle
VPVocal Percussion (musical technique)
VPVector Processor
VPVolts Peak (Tektronix)
VPVirtual Process
VPVirtual Prototype
VPVertical Polarization
VPValidation Phase
VPVerification Plan
VPVoice Privacy
VPVillage Pantry (convenience store)
VPVulnerable Point
VPVentricular Peritoneal
VPVet Pet
VPVulvar Pain
VPVoluntary Principles
VPVideo Projecteur
VPViewing Point (UK)
VPVeeshan's Peak (Everquest 2 computer game)
VPVapor Permeability
VPVeritable Plethora
VPVendor Pay
VPVector Program
VPVariable Portfolio
VPVirtual Personalities
VPValidation Prototype
VPVoiding Pressure
VPVenezuela Project (Venezuela)
VPVerbal Prompt (early education)
VPVojna Policija (Croatian: Military Police)
VPVanuaaku Party (Our Land Party, Vanuatu)
VPVolontaire du Progrès (French: Volunteers for Progress)
VPVoice Procedure (radio communications)
VPVisitor Protection (National Park Service; designates armed park ranger position)
VPPlatform Velocity
VPVita Patris (Latin: in Father's Lifetime)
VPVapautus Palveluksesta (Finnish: relieved from service)
VPVirtual Packet
VPViet Pride
VPVenereal Pamphlet (US Navy)
VPVertical Planning
VPSeaplane Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1922)
VPFixed Wing Patrol Squadron
VPVenta a Plazos
VPValerio Polverini (Italy graphic design agency)
VPVariance Propagation
VPVisibility Period
VPViewer's Pick
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Ahead of the parliamentary elections this Sunday in Austria, Joseph Daul, President of the European Peoples Party (EPP), expressed his support for EPP member party Die neue Volkspartei (VP) and its chairman, Sebastian Kurz.
While the Sozialdemokratische Partei Osterreichs (SPO) and the Osterreichische Volkspartei (OVP), representative of center politics in Austria, were eliminated with their approximate votes of 11 percent each during the first round of the presidential elections held at the end of 2016, Norbert Hofer, the candidate of the ultra right Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs (FPO) and Alexander Van der Bellen, the candidate of the Green Party, competed in the second round.
37) The bank's business direction was determined by Georg Kareski, (38) who became chairman of the Judische Volkspartei (Jewish People's Party) in 1929.
Selbst der damalige Prasident Traian Basescu und die Volkspartei PDL ausserten sich: "In Bezug auf die Kirchen, wenn wir mit der Erstattung fertig sind, (an das was der Kirche ruckerstattet werden muss), werden wir vielleicht einen autonomen Finanzierungs-prozess entwickeln (fur die Kirche).
Half of the studies deal with the history of the German National People's Party (Deutschnationale Volkspartei, DNVP) and that of the Pan-German League (Alldeutscher Verband, ADV); other essays focus on the German combat leagues, the Catholic right, Reich President von Hindenburg, jurist and political theorist Carl Schmitt, and the Protestant theologian Friedrich von Bodelschwingh, director of the Bethel Institutions.
Bayerische Mittelpartei (Deutschnationale Volkspartei in Bayern) Bezirksgruppe Coburg an die Bayerische Staatsregierung," 22 March 1921, MA 102,383, BSHA II; and "Kommerzienrat Oscar Rosters Bergwerkdirektor Schwandorf an Sr.
Having begun as vehicle for the former SED elite after the collapse of the GDR, the PDS (which later merged into Die Linke) subsequently filled a 'gap in representation' and effectively became an eastern German Volkspartei, where the demands of local government have necessitated a pragmatic approach.
After the Austrian elections on November 25, 1945, Leopold Figl, the leader of the Volkspartei, replaced Renner of the Socialist party as Chancellor and Renner was elected by parliament to be President of Austria.
Pirker was selected by the Austrian authorities to replace Strasser, one of the four MEPs involved in the cash for amendments' scandal (see Europolitics 4166), in his quality as the next person on the centre-right Osterreichische Volkspartei list.
Veltroni thought that building a new political movement, completely disconnected from the past, would also help the centre-left attract the support of a more socially and geographically heterogeneous coalition and thus become an authentic Volkspartei.
Printre cele mai cunoscute partide crestin-democrate in plan european, amintim: Christelijke Volkspatij (CVP) din Belgia flamanda, Parti Social Chretien din Belgia francofona (PSC), Christen Demokratische Appel din Tarile de Jos (CDA), Parti Chretien-Social din Luxemburg (PCS), Partito Populare Italiano (PPI), Ostereichische Volkspartei (OVP) din Austria, etc.
Hastings does give some attention to Catholic opponents of Nazism, especially those aligned with the political Catholicism of the Bayerische Volkspartei, and he occasionally refers to "ecclesiastical superiors" who tried to reign in Nazi priests.