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VOLLValue of Lost Load (power generation electricity)
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Marie's mother was Rose Voll, who came to Ohio from Germany.
As Amazon offers no disclaimer on the site to explain that the novel is not the deeply-researched account it appears to be, it remains unclear if the book's multiple buyers were duped by the promising title or were in on Voll's sardonic joke.
When consumers are curtailed, the marginal Value of Lost Load (VoLL) represents the value they place on an extra unit of electricity (Joskow and Tirole, 2007, Stoft, 2002), formally defined as
To realize his idea, Kirkbak brought the project to Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll, who sought to find a delicate balance between form and function.
a Youngstersr fromr St Martin's' Schoolc in's Caerphillr yl were groupedr into countries and took part in a number u of Olympicl and Paralya mpic-y themed sports including tennis, taekwondo w , football and sitting voll l eyby al l.
voll min by "When it bounced off the post it didn't land at the feet of one of our players and they were able to clear.
Specially tailored, this extraordinarily high-quality atlas is adapted from the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy--originally written by Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, and Udo Schumacher, (and splendidly illustrated by Markus Voll and Karl Wesker).
You talk about players like Voll, Alex Murphy, George Nicholls, Cliff Watson - you can go on - and I've never seen these guys play rugby.
The company said that its new dairy at Jaeren, Rogaland, which will replace the four dairies at Voll, Kleppe, Naerbo and Vikesa, is expected to be ready in the autumn of 2011.
The German composer's Christmas cantata of 1725, Unsere Mund sei voll Lachens (May our mouths be full of laughter), made for an uplifting start.
The 1937 Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet, owned by an American private collector, was named Best of Show beating competitors from almost 20 countries who brought their restored cars to the Monterey Peninsula for judging in 28 classes.