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V/MVelocity Meter
V/MVolts Per Meter
V/MVariance/Mean Ratio (biomedicine)
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He said cell sites are allowed to be installed at least 20 meters away from buildings in Turkey with a strength of 10 volts per meter, which makes them safer than they are around the world.
Traditional HERO test techniques use RF emitters developing highly directional field strengths up to 6,800 volts per meter. Aircraft components, external stores, and armament systems can be masked by the aircraft, so the test article or emitter must be laboriously re-positioned to ensure the test article itself is irradiated from all aspects.
Vatican Radio lowered the emissions to comply with Italian law after a bitter war of words with government officials, who had threatened to shut off its worldwide Easter broadcasts after technicians reported that emissions had reached seven to eight volts per meter. Italian law puts the limit at six volts per meter.
The current reported minimum level of immunity for these devices is 20 volts per meter. Over time, FDA would like to see the minimum level rise to 40-50 volts per meter.
According to calculations by the researchers, their thin films of water froze at field strengths of several million volts per meter. Large as that may seem, it's only about a thousandth the field strength that computer simulations by other scientists had predicted would be necessary.
The Vatican and Bordon's successor in Italy's new center-right government, Altero Mattioli, based their agreement on the findings by experts who reported to the Bilateral Italian-Holy See Commission that the emissions reached seven to eight volts per meter. Italian law puts the limit at six volts per meter.