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VOXELVolume Element (a 3-D extension of pixel)
VOXELVolume Pixel
VOXELVolume Cell
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However, bound rubber content, crosslink density, and AS values are slightly higher, diffusion coefficient, free volume cell size, and fractional free volume are slightly lower for NR--N0.5 compared with NR--M5.
Therefore, for a completely filled control volume cell f = 1, whereas, f = 0 for an empty cell.
The majority of the PEEC implementations mesh surfaces using quadrilateral elements and volume cells are created as hexahedral cells.
Depending on the boundaries of the surface mesh, volume cells are created as hexahedral cells from which partial inductances and resistances are calculated using (13) and (14), respectively [18].
The method is applicable to the meshes consisting polyhedral finite volume cells. Numerical results show very good accuracy of the method.
The critical microscopic errors in the model which have to be corrected before the software prepares the model geometrically for analysis are DUPLICATE CELLS SETS, NEGATIVE VOLUME CELLS, and COLLAPSED FACES.
The typical time constant for polarizing large volume cells is 10 h to 20 h, hence relaxation times of 100 h or longer are desirable.
Recent flotation advancements with denver DR flotation machines include the development of larger volume cells. Installation of the first 1,000 [ft.sup.3] [(28m.sup.3)] DR coal flotation machines will be completed in mid-1991.