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VDVenereal Disease
VDVaud (Waadt; Swiss Canton)
VDVampire Diaries (TV show)
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VDVoluntary Disclosure (trade)
VDVapor Density
VDVerkställande Direktör
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VDVery Difficult (rock climbing grade)
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VDPhotographic Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1943 to 1946)
VDVolume Damper (HVAC drawings)
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VDVariability-Distortion (curve)
VDVeak and Dizzy (emergency room non-urgent complaint)
VDHeading to a DME Distance
VDViterbi Detector
VDVisite Décennale (French: Defects Visit; nuclear power plant outage)
VDVir Devotus (Latin: Devout Man, epigraphy)
VDVoroni Diagram
VDVivens Dedit (Latin: He Gave When Alive, epigraphy)
VDVirgins In Denial (band)
VDVan Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog (philatelic catalog)
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* The living wall is equipped with a motorized volume damper at the plenum outlet for space humidity control.
(12.5 Pa) in this example, so the volume damper in the end tap will have to be throttled.
Tenders are invited for Disconnect existing rooftop unit, remove from roof, provide and install new rooftop unit, new curb, new duct (as indicated), new VAV boxes with electric reheat, new supply and return air diffusers, new variable speed exhaust unit and new volume dampers, provide and install new ceiling grid and tile, perform air balance, provide roof repairs, perform all gas and electric connections, properly seal/repair all wall, ceiling and roof penetrations.
The following design criteria should be considered however: 1) position ventilation system exhausts at odor source; 2) avoid fouling worker space areas with exhaust air; 3) understand the odorous components of the air stream; and 4) avoid positioning supply and exhaust registers at equal elevations and on the same enclosure wall; 4) equip the makeup air supply and exhaust registers with volume dampers to control the airflow rate.
We included vertically mounted volume dampers at the outlet so we could literally aim the air at the UFT.