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VCOPVocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (UK education)
VCOPVirtual Community of Practice (education)
VCOPVirtual Cockpit Optimization Program (military aviation)
VCOPVoluntary Code of Practice
VCOPVirgin Coconut Oil Producers (Philippines)
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The voluntary Code of Practice will provide a set of guidelines for pet shops, not only on the welfare of animals, but on other matters, such as the need to assist potential buyers of pet animals make informed decisions.
The voluntary Code of Practice for pet shops is intended to provide guidance to pet shop operators as part of their care and management of animals sold as pets.
THE Central Board of Excise and Customs ( CEBC) is considering a proposal to put in place a voluntary code of practice for e- retailers to curb the menace of fake products and illicit trade, which has proliferated ecommerce platforms.
So, we are looking at the possibility of introducing a voluntary code of practice for eretailers," CBEC chairman Najib Shah said at an event organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( Ficci) here on Friday.
" We are calling for a voluntary code of practice for supermarkets and shops to dedicate a section of floor space to the support and promotion of Welsh Lamb and Beef to ensure they get the prominent position in the market they deserve and boost their sustainability."
With the approval of the voluntary code of practice we now look now to all dairy processors and retailers to implement its terms without delay so that we can begin to build a better environment for all to do business within the dairy supply chain."
"Although it's only a voluntary code of practice it's been very successful and that's largely because it's been endorsed by some heavyweight bodies, including the British Property Federation and the British Council of Shopping Centres," he said.
As a voluntary code of practice, ISO 15489 cannot supersede existing country laws, nor can these laws be ignored in recordkeeping practices.
The voluntary code of practice applies to operators taking passengers to designated sporting events in England and Wales.
The Minister said: I am pleased to learn that the Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) and Dairy UK (NI) have agreed a voluntary Code of Practice for contractual relationships between suppliers and purchasers of milk in the north.
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