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VDSVoie de Service (French: Service Road)
VDSVehicle Dependability Study (JD Power)
VDSVirtual Dedicated Server
VDSVisual Display System
VDSVisual Design System
VDSVitamin and Dietary Supplements
VDSVirus Detection System
VDSVirtual Disk Service
VDSVoluntary Departure Scheme
VDSVitamin and Dietary Supplement
VDSVariable Depth Sonar
VDSVereinigung der Sternfreunde (German: Association 'Friends of Astronomy')
VDSVirtual Directory Server
VDSVerein Deutsche Sprache (German: German Language Association)
VDSVirtual Dolby Digital Surround
VDSVisual Data Stream
VDSVirtual Domain Server
VDSVirtual Disks System
VDSVideo Direct Show
VDSVirtual Data System
VDSVoluntary Disclosure Scheme (India)
VDSValue Delivery System
VDSVeterinary Diagnostic Services (various organizations)
VDSVickers Defence Systems
VDSVerband Deutscher Schulmusiker (German: Association of German School Musicians)
VDSVacuum Drying System
VDSVolunteer Development Scotland (Stirling, Scotland)
VDSVerband Der Schadenversicherer (German)
VDSVideo Subsystem (US DoD)
VDSVirtual DMA Services
VDSVehicle Dynamic Stability
VDSVehicle Dynamics Simulation
VDSVapor Distribution System (semiconductors)
VDSVisual DialogScript
VDSVoice Distribution System
VDSVisionary Design Systems, Inc.
VDSVerband Deutscher Studentenschaften
VDSVirtual Doctoral School (Kaleidoscope)
VDSVacuum Diagnostics System (semiconductors)
VDSVehicular Data Server
VDSVolatile Dissolved Solids
VDSVadso, Norway - Vadso (Airport Code)
VDSVerein Die Schwarzwalduhr (German: Black Forest Clock Association)
VDSVoltage Drain to Source
VDSVolume Descriptor Sequence (OSTA universal disk format)
VDSVehicle Detector Station
VDSVessel Deployment System
VDSView Dependent Simplification
VDSVenereal Disease - Syphilis
VDSVideo Descriptive Service
VDSVideo Distribution System/Subsystem
VDSVelocity Data System
VDSVerband der Sachversicherer eV (German)
VDSVersa Docking Station
VDSVHF Directional Finding Subsystem
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Unlike almost all other countries implementing the CRS, China did not introduce a voluntary disclosure scheme allowing people to declare previously hidden overseas assets and pay a penalty to avoid criminal charges.
Any taxpayer who fails to embrace the voluntary disclosure Scheme will be investigated and if found culpable will be prosecuted in addition to full payment of tax due including penalty and interest.
'The committee was unanimous in the view that globally the noose is tightening on tax evaders [and] in this scenario a one-time relaxation through the voluntary disclosure scheme may be a success.'
In India, when the Voluntary Disclosure Scheme, 1997 was announced, the civil society strongly objected to the same and urged the government to drop the proposal.
Interestingly, the paper states that a voluntary disclosure scheme " targeted at black money stashed abroad can be a onetime option in view of the increasing capacity of tax administration to access information from foreign jurisdiction".
Using a special software duplicate cards were detected Subsequent to the detection and cancellation of over 20 lakh bogus ration cards across Maharasthra last year, the state government in November 2010 initiated a voluntary disclosure scheme that would expire this April.
A voluntary disclosure scheme for people holding untaxed funds of EUR100,000 or more, in banks, building societies, credit unions or the Post Office has yielded EUR73.8million.
The 27 November 2001 voluntary disclosure scheme resulted in EUR227 million being paid.
Payments totalling EUR21million have already been received since last November 15 in respect of settlements and payments on accounts from taxpayers who did not take up the 2001 voluntary disclosure scheme.
The committee members had also lent their support for the voluntary disclosure schemes announced by the federal government when a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar took up the case for hearing on June 12.
Raja Safeer said that USA, Germany, Indonesia, India, Brazil and other countries have also incentivized their potential taxpayers to disclose local and foreign assets by introducing voluntary disclosure schemes with lower tax rates.
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