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VERVersion (MS-DOS command)
VERVoluntary Early Retirement (Australia)
VERVoluntary Export Restraint
VERVisual Evoked Response
VERVoluntary Emissions Reduction
VERVoluntary Export Restriction
VERVerified Emissions Reductions
VERVolume Expansion Ratio
VERVeracruz, Veracruz, Mexico - Las Bajadas / General Heriberto Jara (Airport Code)
VERVertical Ejector Rack
VERVertical Ejection Rack
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AGT specializes in the trading of voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) in the over-the-counter green market, an ideal market for the region.
For Cholla, the proposal builds on voluntary emissions reductions measures implemented several years ago by Arizona Public Service.
AGT is an industry-leader in sourcing and trading carbon credits, specialising in the trading of voluntary emissions reductions, or VERs, in the dynamic over-the-counter green market.
The companies, all partners in the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers Programme, announced they will achieve an estimated 50 million tonnes of voluntary emissions reductions by 2010 since the programme's inception in 1999.
Some of the world's most iconic global corporations - from Coca-Cola to Sony -- all partners in World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers Program, today announced an estimated 50 million tons of voluntary emissions reductions by 2010.
It was not hard to see the link between Alcoa's voluntary emissions reductions and its political strategy.
The investigation uncovered that between 29 June 2011 and 27 March 2013, Young Erumuse had caused or failed to prevent LCCCL from inducing members of the public to invest in voluntary emissions reductions (or VER s, also known as carbon credits), for which there is no genuine secondary market.
The new Environmental Brokerage service Group will enable easy trading for the entire environmental commodities which may include European Union Emission allowances, Voluntary Emissions Reductions, Certified Emissions Reductions Requirements, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives and Compliance and Voluntary Renewable Energy Credits.
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