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VLOValero Energy (stock symbol)
VLOVery Low Observable
VLOVentro-lateral orbital (area of the brain)
VLOVoluntary Layoff (various organizations)
VLOLanding Gear Operation Speed (aviation)
VLOVolume License Option (software)
VLOVirginia Liaison Office (est. 1978; Washington, DC)
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United States-based Ford Motor Company's (NYSE: F), Brazilian unit is starting a voluntary layoff program for its plant in Camacari, in the northeast state of Bahia.
Regarding the Team, as shown in Figure 6, the sense of insecurity and anxiety was in evidence (RT01) and permeated the corporate environment, compounded by promises from senior management, followed by contradictory actions, such as voluntary layoff programs (VLP).
Reductions will be accomplished through a voluntary retirement program, a voluntary layoff program, and following the voluntary exercise, a layoff of management and salaried employees, the firm said.
Lockheed Martin Lockheed offers "voluntary layoff" program to N.Y.
- Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE: LMT] today announced a voluntary layoff program for Corporate Headquarters and Enterprise Business Services employees intended to reduce overhead and improve affordability.
Eligible salaried employees will be offered an opportunity for a voluntary layoff to minimize the number of involuntary layoffs.
Each was eligible to be paid for their unused accrued vacation time and 20 percent of their unused sick time, plus a voluntary retirement incentive of up to $7,500 or a voluntary layoff incentive of up to $5,000.
The newspaper has said it will make involuntary layoffs if enough Guild-represented employees do not accept the terms of a voluntary layoff. The deadline for voluntary layoffs was reportedly Nov.
Last month, Whirlpool completed the voluntary layoff of 940 employees in Fort Smith, Ark., due to the transfer of production of some models to the Mexico plant, the company said.
If employees are facing layoff, they can accept a voluntary layoff or avoid layoff by taking either traditional or non-traditional work assignments.
Coors also increased a restructuring charge to $125 million "to better position itself for future growth and profitability." The charge includes the previously announced estimate of up to $75 million for voluntary layoff incentives to reduce its white-collar work-force.
Auto Business News-August 26, 2016--Mercedes-Benz Brazil starts voluntary layoff programme to cut 1,400 jobs
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