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VVVice Versa
VVVibo Valentia (postcode, Italy)
VVVillage Voice (newspaper)
VVVägverket (Swedish National Road Administration)
VVVittorio Veneto (Italian city)
VVVenae (Veins)
VVVince Vaughn (actor)
VVVerification & Validation
VVVaricose Veins
VVVivenda (Portuguese: house; postal usage)
VVVertical Velocity (amusement park ride)
VVVelocity Vector
VVVibovalentia (Italy)
VVValue Village (Seattle, WA)
VVVertical Visibility
VVVineyard Vines (Stamford, CT clothing retailer)
VVVile Village (Lemony Snicket)
VVVictoria Vesna (media artist)
VVVenture Voice
VVVirtual Vault (computer security)
VVVery Virulent (disease)
VVVal Venis (WWE wrestler)
VVVenous Volume
VVVíctor Valdés (Spanish soccer player)
VVVision Vancouver
VVVertical Transmit, Vertical Receive (antenna polarization)
VVVoetbalverenging (Dutch: Football Club)
VVVapor Volume
VVViernes Verde (Guatemala rock band)
VVVirgo Vestalis (Latin: Vergin Vestal, epigraphy)
VVVerbesserungs-Vorschlag (German: Suggestion for Improvement)
VVVai e Volta (Portugese)
VVVisiting Vehicle
VVVideo Victory
VVViolence and Vengeance (gaming)
VVVelogenic Viscerotropic (strain of Newcastle Disease virus)
VVVeronaville (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
VVVines Vikings (Texas high school)
VVVocoded Voice (type of Frequency Shift Keying)
VVViewPort Vivarium (Edstrom Industries animal research software product)
VVVenus Vitrix (Latin: Venus the Winner, epigraphy)
VVNavy Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
VVVino Vitae (St Louis, MO wine retailer)
VVValó Világ (Hungarian TV show)
VVVice Versa (also seen as V/V)
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Swedish time, Volvo had received 294 585 705 shares corresponding to roughly 96 % of the votes and capital in Nissan Diesel, including the 19% of the votes and capital owned by Volvo before the offer was made.
Volvo will be represented at the press conference by CEO Leif Johansson, among other Volvo executives.
We will now initiate more in-depth discussions about our possible future cooperation," stated Xu Ping, Board Chairman of DFG and Jorma Halonen, Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO of AB Volvo.
Volvo has paved the way for a modern city bus system in India".
Lingong's management, brand, R&D center, manufacturing base, distribution and suppliers are important elements in Volvo CE's growth strategy", said Tony Helsham, President and CEO of Volvo CE .
They offer more powerful Tier III compliant Volvo engines with V-ACT (Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology).
We continue to expand our business with GE on the Aero Derivative programs and this 3-9 Spool gives good synergies with the rest of our products in the rotating part manufacturing center," said Olof Persson, President and CEO of Volvo Aero.
Environmental Affairs manager Kjell Arne Haggstrom and Public Relations manager Thor Persson of Volvo Trucks received the award at a ceremony in connection with a meeting of the local authority council.
PWR has chosen Volvo Aero for its extensive experience in development and manufacturing of rocket nozzles.
One-year-old company TranSiC AB, in which Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) is now investing, has developed a new conductor based on silicon carbide.
We are delighted that Volvo Trucks North America has chosen to integrate Quake's Q2000+ satellite modem into its state of the art 'Volvo Link Sentry' communications system," said Polina Braunstein, President and CEO of Quake Global.