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VNOVomeronasal Organ
VNOVirtual Network Operator
VNOVerbond Van Nederlandse Ondernemingen
VNOVereniging Nederlandse Openluchttheaters (Dutch: Dutch Association of Outdoor Theatres)
VNOVilnius, Lithuania - Vilnius Airport (Airport Code)
VNOVendor Number
VNOMaximum Structural Cruising Velocity
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Keverne, "Involvement of the vomeronasal organ and prolactin in pheromonal induction of delayed implantation in mice," Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, vol.
Historically speaking, a number of scientists have shown interest in the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) and its possible existence in humans.
Vomeronasal nerve transection has been shown to reduce the probability of eliciting a strike (Alving & Kardong, 1996), and suturing closed the oral ducts leading to the vomeronasal organs produced complete cessation of strikes (Graves & Duvall, 1985), making assessment of the effects of vomeronasal deprivation on poststrike behaviors difficult.
The existence of the vomeronasal organ in human beings.
Rather, it is a blind cavity in the nasal epithelium that may require direct sniffing to capture particles or droplets or oral licking to transfer sufficient compounds into the vomeronasal organ (Greene and Kipen 2002).
(Mountain View, CA; 650-903-7100) announced the filing of a United States patent application covering its discovery of a novel receptor gene that is expressed in the human vomeronasal organ. This discovery was made by the team headed by Dr.
Many believe that when the urine enters into a buck's vomeronasal organ located in the roof of the mouth, the deer can tell the reproductive readiness of a doe.
This additional nose, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO), is similar to the Jacobson's organ that snakes use to "taste" the air.
Previous reports presented the hypothesis that detection of ABP takes place in the vomeronasal organ (VNO; Karn and Russell 1993; Hwang et al.
The vomeronasal organ (sometimes called Jacobsens organ) on the roof of your cat's mouth also aids in scent reception.