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VORVHF (Very High Frequency) Omni-directional Radio-range
VORVolvo Ocean Race
VORVoice of Reason
VORVerkehrsverbund Ost Region (German: Eastern Region Transport Association; Austria)
VORValue of Reserves
VORVestibulo-Ocular Reflex (ophthalmology)
VORVendor of Record (Canada)
VORVoice Operated Recording
VORVisions of Reality
VORVHF Omnidirectional Range
VORVestibular Ocular Reflex
VORVariation Order Request
VORVerification of Rent (rent-payment history verification)
VORVehicle Off Road (urgent repair status)
VORVehicle Occupancy Rate
VORVoice Operated Recorder
VORVoice-Operated Relay
VORVoice of the Retarded, Inc.
VORVisual Operating Restriction
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'VOR advises the government of the day to tread cautiously in the minefield of global geopolitics, and seek a diplomatic or political resolution to the problem.
Vor's lead engineered hematopoietic stem cell product candidate, VOR33, is in development for acute myeloid leukemia.
At any given time your airplane heading should be nearly perpendicular to the specific VOR radial that would be centered at your current location.
Today, with a full complement of VORs, GPS outages are merely an inconvenience.
Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC, Incorporated, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) and Osage University Partners also participated in the round, as well as Vor co-founder, PureTech Health.
The values of VOR gains and GA measured before and after CRM, and at the third and seventh day and first month for the affected PSCC were compared among each other, and the values were also compared with the control group.
The normality is defined based on the VOR gain and catch-up saccades (CUS) presented in that dataset.
A number of factors are thought to impact VOR considerably; among these are vision, cervical proprioceptors, cerebellum, and cortical input by central pre-programming system [2-11].
Vor's founder and CEO will join the product and engineering team at Sonatype to expand and refine the open source component intelligence service that underpins the Nexus platform.
Both the COSO 2013 Internal Control-Integrated Framework and the 2016 COSO ERM exposure draft (expected to be released in mid-2017) take note of VoR. Specifically, the COSO ERM draft highlights the speed with which risk triggers and associated risks may develop: