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VKTVorkuta (Russia)
VKTVehicle Kilometers Traveled
VKTVigorLegio Kombat Team (Turin, Italy)
VKTVerlag Kommunistische Texte (German: Communist Text Publisher)
VKTValtions Kivaaritedhas
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Stamkulov arrived in Vorkuta to update his registration at the place of residence.
The head of the Komi republic, where the Vorkuta mine is located, has declared a three-day mourning period in the republic starting from Sunday.
MOSCOW - Four people were killed as a result of a coal mine collapse in Vorkuta in the Siberian region.
I remember going with him one December to Vorkuta, the city in the far north built as the hub of an archipelago of prison camps - where, at a cheery celebration of the founding of the city that ignored its grim past, he stood up to call for that savage history to be remembered, and for the legions of zeks worked to frozen death to be honoured.
Meteorological stations in Vorkuta, Salekhard, Dixon, Norilsk, Arkhangelsk, and many other cities registered record-breaking daily maximum temperatures.
Zavadskas took his first steps down the path of education in Vorkuta (Russia), where he attended a seven-year evening school for workers, from which he graduated in 1959.
Attempting to relate its descriptions to the administrative regions that most closely reflect the Arctic Council's focus on including areas above the Arctic Circle, the report includes "all of Alaska, Canada North of 60[degrees] N together with northern Quebec and Labrador, all of Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland, and the northernmost counties of Norway, Sweden and Finland" as well as in Russia "Murmansk Oblast, the Nenets, Yamalo-Nenets, Taimyr, and Chukotka autonomous okrugs, Vorkuta City in the Komi Republic, Norilsk and Igsrka in Krasnoyarsky Kray, and those parts of the Sakha Republic whose boundaries lie closest to the Arctic Circle" (AHDR, 2004:17-18).
From a production standpoint the 2013 output plan for Vorkuta was around 6mnt (up from 5.3mnt in 2012).
Severstal has announced the acquisition of the Usinskoye N1 coking coal field in the Vorkuta region at a state auction for RUB 1.3bn (USD 41mn).
Sergey Gagauzov from Children's Art School in Vorkuta, Russia, conducting a workshop on painting on silk and cotton.
While every schoolboy in the West knows of Auschwitz and Majdanek, how many have ever heard of Vorkuta and Kolyma?