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VORSVery Old Rare Sherry (wine)
VORSVinum Optimum Rare Signatum (Latin wine term)
VORSVictim Offender Restitution Services (Centinela Youth Services, Inc.; Hawthorne, CA)
VORSVirtual Organization Resource Selector (computer science)
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At any given time your airplane heading should be nearly perpendicular to the specific VOR radial that would be centered at your current location.
Since I always have a VOR tuned in, it's generally a simple matter to switch to VOR-based navigation, so long as ATC agrees.
"In this research, we tried to look beyond the science and focus also on the impact on the economies and culture of northern people," said Vors.
I transitioned to instruments while still VFR and entered the clouds continuing toward VOR #3.
This was back when we taught instrument students how to eyeball a course "direct" to a fix defined by two VOR radials,
The ILS 18 at KGPH has a published missed approach procedure featuring a route toward the Napoleon VOR (ANX) for holding.
As we explored last month, the presence of the OBS with the VOR makes VOR navigation reasonably easy, eliminating the requirement to correct away from the CDI.
The agency developed a lengthy list of criteria to determine which VORs could be shut down in favor of GPS without impacting the national airspace system.
The Minimum Operational Network is a scaled-down network, from 967 VORs today to about 650 by 2025.
A few years ago, the FAA wanted to axe half the VORs, but users have collectively pushed back.
As GPS becomes more ubiquitous--and as the FAA works to reduce its expenses for things like navigation facilities, airports and controllers--it has long-range plans to unplug hundreds of VOR facilities throughout the U.S.