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VDVote Democratic
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VDVivens Dedit (Latin: He Gave When Alive, epigraphy)
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I still confess if someone says they vote democratic, and own guns, I can't quite get my head around that.
Parliament was likely to vote Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama in as prime minister in about two weeks, a party official told reporters.
Put together the tendency of the more religious to vote Republican and the less religious to vote Democratic, and you've got the most salient divide in American politics--a religion gap (or more popularly, a "God Gap") wider than the well-known gender gap ever was.
Unable to vote Socialist and unwilling to vote Democratic, their first recourse was to vote for the one remaining alternative, the Republicans.
On PoliticsUSA TodayBy Jill Lawrence Lawrence reports that USA Today religion writer Cathy Grossman alerts us to the annual survey by the American Jewish Committee which finds that as is traditional, American Jewish voters will likely vote Democratic in the November election (approximately 57%-30%).
The Democrats knew that statistics consistently show that such laws disproportionately affect those who are likely to vote Democratic.
Despite the fact that McCain acknowledges global warming, most environmentalists are still likely to vote Democratic next November.
But because both states are significant swing states (meaning they sometimes vote Democratic and sometimes vote Republican), the party is trying to come up with a compromise to allow the states to be represented in some fashion at the convention.
Secondly, the suggestion that Republicans might be courting American Jewish voters is utter fantasy, nothing more, as even Karl Rove knows that over 80% of American Jews vote Democratic.
In surveys conducted at polling places, three out of four voters said corruption and scandalous behaviour in Congress made them more likely to vote Democratic.
In the national election two years ago, the message certainly seemed to circulate widely that a conscientious Catholic couldn't vote Democratic.