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This was perhaps even more true starting in 1964, when Jordan left the NAACP to head the Southern Regional Council's Voter Education Project (launched by President Kennedy in 1961 to channel the movement's energies away from the more controversial Freedom Rides).
Patton, a retired educator and former director of the NAACP National Voter Education Project. "He has been a contributor to numerous projects in the black community.
The Oregon Student Mock Election is part of the nation's largest voter education project, the National Student/Parent Mock Election, which seeks to familiarize and mobilize young citizens with the electoral process.
Shauna Shindler, spokeswoman for the Voter Education Project, said her group was pleased that Bradbury and Myers were pursuing possible violations of the ban on per-signature payments for petition circulators.
Both complaints were brought by the Voter Education Project, a watchdog group that monitors those who collect signatures for ballot measures.
The union-backed watchdog group, Voter Education Project, will take that message to the streets, monitoring petition circulators to ensure they don't use unethical or illegal messages or methods to get people to sign petitions, spokeswoman Patty Wentz said.
Wentz said it wasn't yet clear if the Voter Education Project would reprise that role during this drive.
After Sizemore targeted the unions, they retaliated by forming the Voter Education Project, which monitored signature gatherers and encouraged voters to be wary of what they sign.
The Voter Education Project's discovery that two signatures in Sizemore's petitions were duplicates prompted elections officials to reduce by 800 the number of valid signatures - dropping it from just above to just below the minimum number.
Elections Director John Lindback explained that a pro-union initiative watchdog group, the Voter Education Project, found two duplicate signatures that had been overlooked by county clerks in Marion and Douglas counties.
The most contentious new development for initiative petitioners has been the emergence of the Voter Education Project. The group, which has been financed by unions, has dispatched activists to signature-gathering hot-spots since last fall, alerting potential signers of the need to read the fine print, understand what a measure would do and guard against forgery, fraud and other illegal practices.
The complaints, filed by the Voter Education Project, contended that circulators had presented false information to petition signers or had used other misleading or otherwise unlawful techniques to gather signatures.