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VCVVacuum Check Valve
VCVVariance Covariance
VCVVolume Control Valve (plumbing)
VCVVolkswagen Commercial Vehicles
VCVVacuum Control Valve
VCVVlaams Centrum Voor Volkscultuur
VCVVowel-Consonant-Vowel (speech synthesis)
VCVVerse Chorus Verse (Nirvana song)
VCVVapor Control Valve
VCVSouthern California Logistics Airport (Victorville, CA)
VCVVolume Control Ventilation
VCVVietnam Combat Veterans Ltd
VCVVideo Complexity Verifier
VCVVoice Controlled Volume (microphones)
VCVVideophile Component Video
VCVVolume Cycled Ventilation
VCVVale Countryside Volunteers
VCVVan Council of Victoria
VCVVertical Continuous Vulcanising
VCVVaginal Collection Vial
VCVVida Camino Verdad (band)
VCVVirtual Classroom Visit
VCVVisual Communication Victoria Inc
VCVVessel Compliance Verification
VCVVirtual City Visions
VCVVertex-Cortical Viewer
VCVVoluntary Center Vojvodina
VCVVirtual Communication Visualization
VCVVisual Causality Vector
VCVVeron-Cetty + Verron
VCVVirtual Containment Vessel
VCVVirtual Curriculum Vitae
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For acoustic analysis, disyllabic VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) and VCCV (vowel-consonant-consonant-vowel) words have been considered, where C is one of the target Pahari consonants, in singleton and geminate forms, while V was Pahari vowel /a/, both at onset and offset positions.
Participants listened through headphones to a woman uttering a series of vowel-consonant-vowel combinations, such as aba, ada, and aga.