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VOYAVoice of Youth Advocates
VOYAVoyageurs National Park (US National Park Service)
VOYAVolunteer of the Year Awards (Reading Is Fundamental, Inc.)
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Caption: WOLVES in and around Voyageurs National Park rely on diverse food sources during the warm season, including fish, beavers, blueberries, bear gut piles and candy.
Estimates of white-tailed deer density in Voyageurs National Park: 1989-2016.
We modeled the ambient temperature during the time when a moose was bedded as the dependent variable (transformed by the natural log; National Climate Data Center 2011a, b) for day and night bed sites separately using independent variables describing environmental conditions (Table 1), study site (Superior National Forest and Voyageurs National Park), and sex.
Voyageurs National Park, located adjacent to International Falls/Fort Frances on the Ontario-Minnesota border is considerably smaller than the two other reserves.
Back in the Nation's Icebox, Kasich is philosophical but pointed about surviving trying times in the north woods: "We have our pristine wilderness, we have Voyageurs National Park -- but we don't have the traffic." Still, he says, "We think we can wait it out.
Key words: beavers; boundary effects; Castor canadensis; dispersal; fish assemblages; landscape; Minnesota; pond succession; spatial hierarchy; spatial scale; successional mosaic; Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota (USA).
"There was a lot of excitement, and memories of the laughter, smiles, and hope-filled faces of friends and strangers lifted our spirits many times over the next 101 days." The Freemans live in canoe country in Grand Marais, Minnesota, near the Boundary Waters and Voyageurs National Park on the US side and the Quetico Provincial Park on the Canadian side.
Voyageurs National Park (VNP; 48[degrees]30,N, 92[degrees]50,W) is an 883 [km.sup.2] protected area in northern Minnesota, USA, with 36% of the area comprised of large lakes.
This study was conducted at four National Park Service units (hereafter, "National Parks") in the Great Lakes Network: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (APIS; 677973E, 5203631N), Grand Portage National Monument (GRPO; 297294E, 5318863N), Isle Royale National Park (ISRO; 359142E, 5316583N), and Voyageurs National Park (VOYA; 512021E, 5369873N).
Voyageurs National Park (VNP) is situated on the southern limit of North American moose range, along the Minnesota-Ontario border (Fig.