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VRMSVirtual Richard M. Stallman (software package)
VRMSVolts Root Mean Square
VRMSVirtual Reality Motion Sensing
VRMSVail Ranch Middle School (California)
VRMSVisual Restaurant Management System (software)
VRMSVelocity Root Mean Square
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2 MOOP based upon a working voltage of 200 Vrms max, and 280 Vpkmax.
Altix UV will utilise the IDT Power VRMs for microprocessor, ASIC and memory power requirements.
As a universal system, the VRM taxonomy permits direct comparisons across roles (e.
The VRMs selected by SGI utilize the IDT-patented coupled inductor technology to improve performance and reduce power consumption in computing applications.
A dielectric strength of 2,000 Vrms between terminals.
Each channel provides a separate reference input which is auto-ranging to accept a reference signal from 2 Vrms to 130 Vrms.
Constructed of brass bodies, hi-ass gold-plated male contacts, beryllium copper gold plated female contacts and Teflon[R] insulators, these 50 [OMEGA] subminiature MCX/MMCX series connectors provide 750 VRMS dielectric withstanding, 1.
Tenders are invited for Led Type Pl Lamps 18 W With Alluminum Housing, Lumens Per Watt And Gt 100 Lumens/Watts, Colour Temperature 5700-6500K, Burning Hour 50000Hrs, Driver V In-180Vrms To 270 Vrms,Operating Voltage 240 Vrms, Power Factor And Gt 0.
A dielectric strength of 750 Vrms min coil to contact and 500 Vrms min contact to contact.
The SB-36610UX USB interface features two independent channels programmable for inputs from 2 V to 90 V, 47 Hz to 10 kHz; up to 1 minute accuracy; on-board reference sine oscillator with output voltage options (2 Vrms to 32 Vrms or 20 Vrms to 123Vrms); bandwidth, resolution, input type, and input voltage are software programmable.
Floating measurements up to 30 Vrms can be made using the standard P2220 Probe provided with the DSOs and for higher voltages up to 1,000 Vrms to ground with the TPS2PBND Power Bundle option.
Designed for DC to 22 GHz applications, these 50 [OMEGA] connectors have a 1000 Vrms dielectric withstanding voltage and 5000 megohms insulation resistance.