VRRVerkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr
VRRVirtual Router Redundancy
VRRVoidage Replacement Ratio
VRRVeiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond (Dutch safety region)
VRRVertical Refresh Rate (monitors and television
VRRVehicular Reactive Routing Protocol
VRRVentricular Rate Regulation
VRRVerification Readiness Review
VRRVolume Replacement Ratio (petroluem production)
VRRVariance Reduction Ratio
VRRVoice Recognition Response
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licensee--or, in cases applying the VRR, the licensee-distributor--has
relationship between the TTR and VRR are not entirely clear.
63) Conversely, the VRR block exemption does not apply to contracts
The VRR does not apply to vertical agreements in which the
Because the VRR covers distribution agreements, it follows that a
defined in the VRR, but it may be asserted that such an objection would
69) Hence, under Article 2(3) of the VRR, a contract for the supply of
property licenses in vertical agreements are covered by the VRR is to
balanced view may be taken: the applicability of the VRR depends on the
territory, substance, and time exceed those of the VRR.