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VDOPVulgar Display of Power (music album)
VDOPVertical Dilution of Position (GPS)
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The action taken by the management in suing and filing criminal charges against this hapless individual is not only harsh but undeniably inhumane, brutal and a vulgar display of power and the height of unreasonable vindictiveness.
The absence of external monitoring mechanisms and the lack of a political will to reform further instil a police culture where vulgar display of power supersedes civic lawful action.
He said the move is rather a vulgar display of power aimed at intimidating a broad segment of society that is critical of the government.
TW: Actually, we we're listening to Pantera in the van the other night, it was Vulgar Display of Power.
LPs such as Vulgar Display Of Power and, more importantly, Reinventing The Steel, have made them an influence on the likes of Korn and even Fear Factory.