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VVIVertical Velocity Indicator
VVIVelocity Vector Imaging (trademark of Siemens AG)
VVIVinnie Vincent Invasion (band)
VVIVermont Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)
VVIVenevisión International (Spanish language entertainment company; est. 1971)
VVISanta Cruz, Bolivia - Viru Viru International (Airport Code)
VVIVVimaging, Inc.
VVISingle Chamber Ventricular Pacemaker
VVIVietnam Veterans Institute (est. 1981)
VVIVelocity Vector Indicator (gaming)
VVIVehicle Verification and Identification
VVIVanishing Vendor Issue (US Air Force)
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Geoff Graham, West Bromwich VVI like going racing but I'm not a regular here.
For the first time, echocardiologists not only have Doppler-based assessment tools and synchronization capabilities using the syngo QST, but also the ability to assess left ventricular dynamics in patients with heart failure using syngo VVI technology without Doppler limitations.
Valencia is a Canadian resource company traded under the symbol VVI on the TSX Venture Exchange.