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6 and 7 vwvfg 6) special services on request (eg participation in possession and expropriation procedures, owner identification)
in-depth knowledge of the law of obligations and property of the Civil Code, ErbbauRG, BauGB as well as municipal business instructions, budget law, municipal constitution, VwVfG MV, local law of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock, AGA I and AGA II
The main components of the PFA 1.3 are: DB AG new railway line, bridge structures along the new DB AG line, airport tunnel with NBS station, airport curve with temporary relocation of the A8 motorway and restoration of the A8 motorway in final condition for this area, station terminal modification, modification of the BAB junction AS Plieningen, extension of AS Plieningen / B312 junction, replacement of B1312 tunnel building, road construction measure of the "Sdumgehung Plieningen" (L 1205 new, L 1204 new and L1016 / B312 connection ramp adaptation) in accordance with 78 VwVfG (joint procedure).
After completion of the explorations and confirmation of the preferential variant, public participation is to be carried out according to the General Regulations Part II Section 1 Administrative Procedures Act (VwVfG).