VzBVerizon Business
VzBVerkehrsausbildungs Zentrum Biel (German: Transport Training Centre Biel; driving school; Biel, Switzerland)
VzBVinyl Zippered Bag (packaging)
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object and structural design noise protection systems (la), Supporting wall structures (bw) and traffic sign bridges / booms (vzb / vza)
In the area of -bw 17 3, 17 4, 17 5, A-bw 18 and 5 vzb locations
15 m super rail / bw - approximately 360 m super rail vzb
Lot1-mixed lot: Basic remediation including drainage, Production vzb / vba, Signage, Bswf, As well as traffic management for lot 1 to 3.
Vzb with foundations (in-situ concrete), Supply and install 1 new rebar for existing dwista bridges , About 8.3 km stretch lay cable for telecommunication cable, Approx.
In the considered planning section 9 traffic sign bridges (vzb) and 3 traffic sign booms (vza) are planned.
production of traffic sign bridges (vzb), Without technical equipment.
Contract notice: A9, A14; B6n; Vzb new construction and replacement.