VzBVerizon Business
VzBVerkehrsausbildungs Zentrum Biel (German: Transport Training Centre Biel; driving school; Biel, Switzerland)
VzBVinyl Zippered Bag (packaging)
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Demolition and reconstruction of noise barriers in FR Duisburg, pavement renewal, production of protective equipment and marking work in FR Duisburg and also a VZB Operation km 63 + 520-66 + 290th slack
Traffic Management System as part of the 6-lane expansion of motorway A6 between the AK NE-rnberg-SE-d and AK NE-rnberg-Ost: VZB, VMS, static and dynamic signpost, Sensory Analysis, Traffic Techn.
Contract award: 47-15-0005, a 3, wvzb, vzb, vza betw.