W-DEQWijma Delivery Expectancy/ Experience Questionnaire (psychology)
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Of the 570 distributed W-DEQ, 558 (97.9%) were returned by midwives and 525 (92.1%) were completed.
Logistic regression analyses of the W-DEQ scores on significant psychosocial variables indicated that among significant variables, four variables were predictors of moderate childbirth fear and three variables were predictors of severe childbirth fear.
In Table 4, we present the descriptive statistics of the Farsi W-DEQ items, and means of six factors, the internal consistency of the Farsi W-DEQ-A and its subscales.
Psychometric aspects of the W-DEQ: a new questionnaire for the measurement of fear of childbirth.
The reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Wijma Delivery Expectancy/ Experience Questionnaire (W-DEQ) with pregnant women.
Gebelerin W-DEQ ve GPSDO puan ortalamalari (n=226) Minimum Maksimum Ortalama Standart sapma W-DEQ 36,0 134,0 79,9 17,3 GPSDO 1,5 3,7 3,0 0,2 GPSDO alt boyutlari Gebelik ve es 1,1 5,0 2,0 0,6 iliskisi Kaygi ve stres 1,0 5,0 3,2 0,6 Aile ici siddet 1,8 5,0 4,5 0,5 Psikososyal 1,5 4,7 3,4 0,6 destek gereksinimi Gebenin aile 1,0 4,2 1,8 0,7 ile iliskisi Gebelige 1,6 5,0 3,7 0,7 iliskin fiziksel ve psikososyal degisikliklere ait ozellikler W-DEQ: Wijma Dogum Beklentisi/ Deneyimi; GPSDO: Gebelikte Psikososyal Sagligi Degerlendirme Olcegi Tablo 3.
The reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Experience Questionnaire (W-DEQ) with pregnant women.
The women's clinic characteristics and mean W-DEQ scores are presented in Table 1.
Mean W-DEQ scores and the percentage of patients with FOC were significantly higher in women with little knowledge about painless childbirth than in women who have knowledge about it.
Additionally, it has been indicated that nulliparous women had higher mean W-DEQ scores than parous women [14].
Turkish form of W-DEQ version A was used in this current study to measure the degree of fear of childbirth in participants.
Zar, "Psychometric aspects of the W-DEQ; a new questionnaire for the measurement of fear of childbirth," Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology, vol.