W2AWide to ANSI (macro)
W2AWashington 2 Advocates (consulting; Bellevue, WA)
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Caption: FIGURE 8 Curves of constant W2A efficiency.
It was an honor to demonstrate this capability with the successful launch of the W7 satellite today, just seven months after the landmark 50th ILS Proton launch with Eutelsat's W2A satellite.
The launch of the W2A satellite marks the first ILS launch of the year and the 50th commercial launch overall for ILS; a significant milestone.
The W2A spacecraft built by ThalesAleniaSpace, is a Spacebus 4000 C4 model and carried three payloads including the first S-band payload for Europe.
ILS Proton for W2A met Eutelsat's vital schedule requirements with unique flexibility.
have set a first quarter 2009 launch date for the W2A satellite, which will be the 50th commercial Proton launch for ILS as well as its first mission of the new year.
W2A was designated as the payload in November 2008.
The W2A satellite, built by ThalesAleniaSpace, is a Spacebus 4000 C4 model, similar to the Ciel II satellite just launched.
Eutelsat`s W2A satellite carrying the S-Band payload is under construction since October 2006 and is scheduled for launch at the very beginning of 2009.
Designated the W2A Series, the device packs four capacitive elements into an 0508 chip, saving designers 30% board space compared to previous 0612 arrays.
The W2A Series is available in a NP0 dielectric as well as X7R.