W2COGWorld-Wide Consortium for the Grid
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Both W2COG and the IPv6 Forum advocate for the development and implementation of next generation Internet networks, technologies, applications and policies.
The IPv6 Forum supports the mission of the W2COG and looks forward to jointly promoting common objectives for greater and global deployment of IPv6 applications and models," said Latif Ladid, president of the IPv6 Forum.
W2COG provides a secure, open platform where professionals from government, industry and academia can test, validate and deliver practical netcentric applications.
1) Rich Semantic Track - W2COG is facilitating an industry/government partnership working to productize emerging technology that enhances machine-to-machine communications, i.
W2COG has established a public/private partnership to integrate appropriate technologies to create VIRT and VOTS in these circumstances: e.
W2COG is facilitating transferring lessons learned about network-enabled business process from early adapters in the private sector into government process.
The ultimate goal of netcentric operations is to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time," explains Rick Hayes-Roth, a W2COG founding member.
The success of W2COG efforts in military support for humanitarian relief efforts has raised the public awareness of the critical role of the armed forces in providing not only infrastructure support, but fundamental technologies in such areas as distance learning to populations under distress," said Aaron Budgor, managing director of the W2COG Institute.
W2COG understands the sense of urgency surrounding the need for innovations such as VIRT," explains Geoffrey Brown, senior director, Emerging and Advanced Technologies at Oracle Corporation and a W2COG board member.
In establishing simple Internet access and basic telephone services in an area that lost its entire infrastructure, the team has learned a number of valuable lessons about these technologies and their capabilities," said Brian Steckler, an NPS professor and the W2COG HFN project team leader.