W2EWaste-To-Energy (waste management)
W2EWord 2000 Expert
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Then weight of the email is calculated according to the equation 5 or 6 but value of W2E is taken as zero.
At one year of age, 94 families belonging to four sets of families, H1Q, H3E, W1A, and W2E, were sampled and sexed.
Among the four sets of families sampled at one year of age, only two nested sets of families, W2E and H3E, were used for analysis of family differences and parental effects.
The strong parental effects in W2E were primarily due to two types of sires: those with low female ratios (sire 1, 5-8) ranging between 16.
Likelihood-ratio chi-square analysis of independence between factors and sex at year one in the nested family set W2E.
Only two sets of families, H2E and D1E, were used for analysis, and the other two sets of families, D3E and W2E, contained only a few qualified families and could not be used.
The fact that the two major groups (peaks) directly corresponded to the two types of sires in W2E [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED], suggests that the segmented distribution is not totally artificial.