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W2KWindows 2000 (Microsoft)
W2KWindows 2000
W2KWilling to Kill (gang; New South Wales, Australia)
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We have found that infrastructure server mappings are often different between NT and W2K and when DLLs (Dynamic Link libraries) are unregistered in W2K, many components for custom applications are therefore missing for dependent applications,"
Once the migration problems are overcome, W2K promises to be more cost effective, easier to implement and easier to maintain than either Unix or Linux.
W2K is a major milestone in the progress of that dissolution.
W2K represents one more battleground where you're either going to sit at the table with the strategists or get treated as mere custodians of the plumbing.
W2K is going to be a big pain no matter what your company does.
On January 14, UN Environment Program predicted that W2K events "will cause major economic impacts for an insurance industry already burdened with a 14-fold increase in insured losses in the last four decades.
Surviving the W2K Century will require a global redesign of industy and settlement.
W2K threat yet to register with the presidential contenders, although President Clinton acknowledged the problem in a remarkable and underreported speech in New Zealand.