W3AWorld Wide Web Applets
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Eutelsat, which operates 22 satellites in orbit, already covers Africa but the addition of the W3A will expand coverage, improve reception and enable a number of other functions, such as intra-regional African connections to be made.
The launch of W3A this month will add to Eutelsat's already extensive coverage of Africa.
W3A will increase capacity by about 40% over Africa which means that more operators and broadcasters will be able to transmit and use its services.
One of the main objectives of W3A is to improve communications and connectivity between Africa and Europe.
The Breeze M's engine underwent five burns to place the W3A satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit at 1:16 p.
Its ride into geostationary transfer orbit on the Proton/Breeze M will enable us to optimize the operational lifetime of W3A and take us to new levels of efficiency.
International Launch Services (ILS) and Eutelsat SA have signed a contract for launching the W3A satellite on a Proton rocket.
The W3A launch is planned for late 2003 using the powerful Proton M/Breeze M configuration.