W3C XMLWorld Wide Web Consortium Extensible Markup Language
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W3C XML Schema is a "Schema of schema" and provides the guidelines to define "simple type" elements and "complex type" elements.
This year's W3C XML standards cluster into roughly four areas: XHTML (modularization, multimedia), format independence (upgrades to the Web formatting capability called Cascading Style Sheets), semantic Web, and multimedia (speech and speech recognition, voice browsers).
Prepared by Tim Bray, a member of the W3C XML Working Group, the document uses separate windows for the specification and the commentary.
The new version has also been enhanced with a graphical stylesheet creation tool and it implements the latest W3C XML Schema recommendations.
He co-chaired the W3C Web Services Policy WG and served as chair of the W3C XML Protocols WG.
Recordare LLC has released a W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) version of its MusicXML 2.
XML, since its inception, has always bridged technical communities and helped enable real-world interoperability scenarios across heterogeneous platforms," said Jean Paoli, General Manager of Interoperability & XML Architecture at Microsoft and co-creator of the W3C XML standard.
In its role, TC46 will produce a fully documented and unambiguous standard for an XML-based electronic paper format and page description language, appropriate W3C XML Schemas to enable automatic verification of files written to the standard and enable interoperability between existing industry implementations of applications, devices, tools and platforms.
DataDirect Technologies is one of the few companies to successfully complete the W3C XML Query Test Suite, achieving greater than 99 percent compliance and near-perfect results.
DataDirect Technologies is one of the leaders of the W3C XML Query working group, acting as both preeminent developers of the XQuery language and an innovative testbed for new applications.
It incorporates the W3C XML Digital Signature to provide strong authentication and authorization as well as confidentiality and data integrity.
Last month, the DataDirect XQuery product successfully completed the W3C XML Query Test Suite (XQTS), achieving greater than 99 percent compliance and was the first product with specialized relational support to post results.