W3QSWww Query System
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We have implemented a system called W3QS to execute W3QL queries.
W3QS is an operational prototype system that executes W3QL queries.
The article also describes the W3QS user interface and some of W3QS' internals.
We start by presenting several areas of application for W3QS.
W3QS is useful for extracting specific information from a site.
W3QL allows the definition of complex WWW queries and W3QS automates the information extraction.
For the preceding query, column n3 in the table returned by W3QS contains links to all the images found.
The W3QS system provides several means to make the query composition task easier; these range from query templates to specialized user interfaces.
W3QS is capable of "learning" how to fill out forms, and to do so automatically.
The Lycos form (Figure 3) was learned by W3QS. It can later be used to find starting points for searches.
This allows us to ask W3QS to fill the form the same way it was filled in the past with some changes.
Instead of lines 3 through 5, we could have written n1 In BestIndices, that is, a macro (set by the W3QS administrator(3)) that stands for the list of the most important indexers' URLs.