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WAACWomen's Army Auxiliary Corps (various locations)
WAACWomen's Auxiliary Army Corps (USA-WWII)
WAACWestern Association for Art Conservation
WAACWorld Algeria Action Coalition
WAACWestern Australian AIDS Council
WAACWorkshop on Algorithms and Computation
WAACWomen’s Abortion Action Campaign
WAACWest African Airways Corporation (intergovernmental airline)
WAACWomen's Art Association of Canada
WAACWin At All Cost
WAACWindsor Accessibility Advisory Committee (Windsor, ON, Canada)
WAACWheels Accessible Advisory Committee
WAACWestern Association of Agriculture Councils
WAACWeighted Average Adjustment Coefficient
WAACWaukee Area Arts Council (Waukee, Iowa, USA)
WAACWorld Amazigh Action Coalition, Inc. (Canada)
WAACWest Allis Auto Club (Wisconsin)
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Answering the Stipendiary, the WAAC said she went out to France as a baker, but was subsequently transferred to the motor transport section, and was now home on fourteen days' leave.
The commanderin-chief of the British Army, Sir Douglas Haig, also approved and the WAAC was born with Mona as chief controller.
A fine watercolour painting from 1942 by another WAAC war artist, Roy Nockolds, shows a Sea Hurricane landing on an escort carrier, helping to win the crucial 'Battle of the Atlantic' by protecting a convoy.
While the WAACs were charged with carrying out a variety of non-combatant duties such as telephonists, bakers, waitresses, electricians, cooks, typists, printers, signallers and clerks, they still took considerable physical risks.
An Officer and a Lady will be of greatest interest to readers who are familiar with the story of women within the WAAC and who seek anecdotal sketches of life in that important organization.
And Roosevelt enacted several military `mirror' organizations for women, the first, and perhaps the most famous was the WAAC, or the Women's Army Auxiliary Corp, which became the Women's Army Corp in the summer of 1943, meaning that it was accorded full Army status.
Leyva Martinez, con el credito de miembro de numero de la WAAC, continuo la gestion, que fue concedida en Maebashi, Japon, en 1996, y el asesor vitalicio, doctor Karl R.
Fortunately, other aspects of these tax reform proposals may lower the WAAC.
Oveta Culp Hobby, the first WAAC director, noted: "You are the first women to serve.
It took from 1941 to 1942 for the bill authorizing the WAAC (Women's Auxiliary Army Corps) to be passed.