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WAAEWisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators (Plymouth, WI)
WAAEWashington Alliance for Arts Education
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Following the UNESCO World Congress on Arts Education 2006, Lisbon, Portugal WAAE World Summits have been held as follows:
The theme of the 2014 WAAE Global Summit was Transform: From Inception to Innovation in Arts Education.
Burke, who makes repeated efforts in his writing to connect adult education activity in Newfoundland to larger international efforts in the field, of which he would have been aware from conferences, meetings, and Carnegie and WAAE linkages.
This method of residential teaching, bringing the women together to experience life away from their everyday cares, allowed the NAEA teachers to work with women in a concentrated time, to do as the experts in the WAAE Bulletin recommended, and to be in step with adult education efforts across the continent.
The WAAE Bulletin, which they received and contributed to, had articles on the American "Bryn Mawr Summer School," WAAE Bulletin no.
Dan Baron Cohen, chairman of the presidential council of WAAE, said: "Newcastle and Gateshead has been reborn through arts and cultural forces.