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WAALWisconsin Association of Academic Libraries
WAALWorcester Aluminium Alloys Limited (UK)
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"It's a good moment for chimps, a very good moment," says Frans de Waal, a Yerkes primatologist and board member of Chimp Haven, the organization that will mn the sanctuary.
Chimps actually became less aggressive when they were put into very crowded quarters for a brief time--which is "a daily experience in human society," de Waal and his colleagues note.
De Waal (51), who said in court he was a former drag queen and crack SAS officer, was jailed for 15 months at Birmingham Crown Court last week.
Alex Waal contended that this behavior of humanitarian organizations make them to assume moral ownership of famine and similar crises, at the expense of the people who are suffering.
Darwin's idea has come to be known as "group selection," a concept currently scorned by most sociobiologists (including Ridley, Wright, and de Waal).
In a section of de Waal's book titled "Make Love, Not War," the author describes observing a female bonobo defuse a potentially dangerous standoff between two camps by rubbing her clitoris on an aggressive male.
But there's a fine line between emotions and their associated feelings, argues de Waal, and that line has made the field of studying animal emotions "murky and messy." While a bonobo or horse can't tell us how they feel, emotions in all of us are physiological and observable states that, writes de Waal, "make our hearts beat faster, our skin gain color, our faces tremble, our chests tighten, our voices rise, our tears flow, our stomachs turn."
De Waal chose items from the museum's comprehensive De Winton collection of Continental porcelain, created in the 19th century, and considered issues relating to them such their origin, manufacture, trade, use, patronage, taste and collection.
In fact, de Waal writes, previous theoretical constructs were largely based on assumptions (made by men) about male dominance.
Thomas de Waal said he doesn't expect many changes by the new Armenian government, at least not soon.
'Camel Ardha' by Oman-based photographer Hil van der Waal is giving audiences at the Bait Al Baranda glimpses of the close relationship between Omanis and the storied 'ships of the desert', exploring the close bond between man and mammal through more than 40 photographs.