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WAALWisconsin Association of Academic Libraries
WAALWorcester Aluminium Alloys Limited (UK)
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Such responses may occur when a male capuchin faces another male whose unceasing mimicry makes him impossible to dominate, de Waal speculates.
The Post board of directors now includes Williams, de Waal, Anderson, John T.
Indeed, the filmmakers have chosen to promote the documentary with a very extended, self-serving, and deeply misleading interview with de Waal.
Today, De Waal is still full of excitement about how his work was received in New York.
Rather than the "passionate advocate" of Westharp's ideas ascribed to him by De Waal (15) Leach appears to be intellectually unprepared and probably academically out of his depth in Westharp's company, later confessing that he could he could not say that he "ever liked him".
As analogue, de Waal said if the law says you are not allowed to drive faster than 60 kph in an urban area and you are caught driving 100 kph, but nothing happens to you, people will drive faster and faster.
Females are core group members with higher social status than males, and more knowledge about food resources in the home range," said van de Waal.
Pressure Willem de Waal had got the hosts off to a good start as his three penalties pegged back two from Stephen Jones for a 9-6 lead.
That gave the Lions an eight-point advantage, but another De Waal penalty and then Pietersen's try brought the scores level.
In a primer to Warneken's 2007 study, de Waal remarked of previous trials involving chimps and food techniques, that "all that these experiments really showed was that humans can create situations in which apes focus on their own interests" (PLoS Biology, 2007, 5(7), e190).
Report author Anastasia de Waal said: "In the past, people had to marry.
STUDENTS Jeanna de Waal and Matthew Smith prepare for the opening of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton's musical, The Boys In the Photograph, at Lip a on Wednesday.