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WAAMWitham Airport Action Majority (Stuart, Florida)
WAAMWoodstock Artists Association & Museum
WAAMWellesley Alumnae Affiliates in Multimedia
WAAMWest Alabama Aero Modelers
WAAMWorldwide Association of Artists and Musicians
WAAMWellesley Alumnae and Affiliates in Multimedia
WAAMWide-Area Antiarmor Munition(s)
WAAMWildlife and Aquatic Medicine (club)
WAAMWashington Afro-American
WAAMWomen Against Abusive Men (book by Yolanda Rene Travis)
WAAMWashington Archery Muzzleloading
WAAMWWMCCS Allocation and Assessment Model
WAAMWest Australian Association of Masseurs, Inc.
WAAMWatermark Analysis and Assessment Model
WAAMWWMCCS ADP Advisory Memorandum
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Test parts manufactured using WAAM have yielded products at least 25% cheaper than conventional machining.
South Africa now, ruled by the ANC, is far from perfect, but on behalf of WAAM, I would like to thank all of our supporters in Wales and beyond in this anniversary year, some publicly known, others not.
Much of our work on WAAM so far has been around ensuring that we get as close to the net shape as possible.
One of the key advantages of WAAM over traditional subtractive production methods is cost.
Williams thinks the development of WAAM will have huge implications for the aerospace sector.
Williams thinks that in the not-too-distant future WAAM will be used to print safety-critical parts that form main structural elements of aircraft wings.
Those industry partners include the defence and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin which has established a WAAM test laboratory at its Ampthill facility in Bedfordshire.
Steve Burnage, the engineer responsible for the development of WAAM at Lockheed Martin UK, says: "We feel it is a better approach for our applications.
Lockheed Martin also thinks that WAAM offers huge potential in terms of better buy-to-fly returns.
WAAM can really throw down an awful lot of material--up to four times as much compared to sintering.
We can now start to consider WAAM rather than traditional methods of manufacturing.
The laboratory will be used in the coming months to overcome certain challenges associated with the WAAM process.