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WAAN has taken up this responsibility on its shoulders to educate the girls free of cost and uplift them in fulfilling their dreams.
This crosses the songline previously discussed of the Black Snake (and Waan, the crow).
Structural variation in lipid A, induced by deletion-insertion of waaN gene (which encodes for completion of one of the two secondary acyl chains to complete lipid A biosynthesis) can have significant impact on the death or survival fate of the host [21].
Daarom dat Jansen van Rensburg (1990:45) kon meen dat die verskille tussen die afdelings eerder 'klemverskuiwings' verteenwoordig van die 'oorheersende faktor', naarnlik--soos sy dit verduidelik --'die teenstrydige jukstaposisie tussen menslike waan en die groter kosmiese magte, sy dit die natuttr, sy dit dood, sy dit God'.
Nuff get caught within di system, bleach miff for shade Naff a start trend Still wid di guns and bling bling Nuh love detnselves so dem bleach dem skin Lightening, see it clear dem weren't brought up properly Dem come out from hill, inna dem lane and dem alley Bwoy bleach outfi look like girl and girl waan look like dolly Lava splash, from hill to di valley, HOTTA!!
pon at foot fa sugar, yu doan know dese tings yu jus stan up dey ah waan
Saek Skimese 'fiy'(v.) bwl(l) bin 'stone' rii1(2) hin 'sweet' vaal(2) waan 'teach' seel(2) sccm 'wasp/hornet' thiil(4) teen 'wild;of the woods' thual(6) thian Interestingly, -I can cooccur in the same syllable as medial -I-, e.g., blsI3 'protrude', mlsI4 'body louse'.
Bet ya neva know Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed (bed) Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed (bed) Seh mi would be mashin up ya head (head) Seh mi would be mashin up ya head (head) You waan see the look pon him face When mi bubble pon mi head Watch him tear up the spread Neva know Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed Seh mi woulda run the same (Chynn, Tami.
Orit Bashkin, "Hybrid Nationalisms: Waan and Qawm Visions in Iraq Under Abd Al-Karim Qasim, 1958-61" [293-312]
There's Thai fried noodles with shrimp (pad thai), blanched shrimp with spicy dressing (kung khan waan), grilled aromatic shrimp (kung yang phan bai toey), Golden Shrimp Cakes (thod man kung), peppercorn vegetable soup with shrimp (kaeng liang kung) and shrimp wonton.
Try the Siam Banquet special (pounds 13.50 per person) including Thai prawn crackers; Thai spare ribs and wontons followed by gaeng kiew waan gai - traditional Thai green chicken curry and priew wann gung -prawn stir fry or pla radprik (pounds 11.50) - cod fish pieces flour coated and deep fried finished in sweet and sour chilli sauce and topping with crispy fried sweet basil leaves.
Want hoewel daardie tyd "die enigste tyd (was) wat die wereld 'n volmaakte plek was" (19) en die woord "oorlede" net so ver buite die begrip van die groep jong vriende was soos "illusie" en "waan" en "selfbedrog", bring Stienie Schoeman se skielike dood, sonder enige vooraf waarskuwing, 'n einde aan die idille.