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WABANWell Abandonment Report (oil industry)
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At a short distance from the wigwams, they were met by Waban, a leading man among the Indians at that place, accompanied by others, and were welcomed with "English salutations." Waban, who is described as "the chief minister of justice among them," had before shown a better disposition than any other native to receive the religious instruction of the Christians, and had voluntarily proposed to have his eldest son educated by them.
The Indians assembled in Waban's wigwam; and thither Mr.
The name of Waban signified, in the Indian tongue, wind; so that when the preacher uttered the words, "say to the wind," it was as if he had proclaimed, "say to Waban." As this man afterwards exerted much influence in awaking the attention of his fellow savages to Christianity, it might seem that in this first visit of the messengers of the gospel he was singled out by a special call to work in the cause.
Eliot and his friends repeated their visit to the wigwam of Waban. This meeting was more numerous than the former.
In the poem, according to Austin, "Waban" is the Paiute word for "mountain."
From 1993 to 1997, he served as president, chief executive officer and director of Waban Inc., which operated BJ's as well as HomeBase, another former warehouse club chain.
While the Collinses value long-term employees above all else, another frame shop owner, Kurt Neumann of Frame It/Waban Gallery in Waban, Mass., focuses more on hiring new employees than retaining existing staff members for a long time.
When he and his family make their annual summer trip to Lake Waban, Dillon finally learns about his past and about the origin of his name.
Sandi's friend Hillary Rodham is said to have impulsively jumped into Lake Waban for a swim--a no-no at the Wellesley campus.
Micahel Sales, Correspondence to: Michael Sales, New Context Consulting, 592 Chestnut Street, Waban, MA 02468, USA.
(Waban, MA; 617-244-6016), announced the receipt of United States Patent 6,028,075, for the use of their lead compound, Halofuginone and derivatives, in the treatment of tumors including bladder, prostate, breast, skin, and lung.
Winners of the September puzzle, "Printer's Devilry," are Virginia Bell, Sudbury, Massachusetts; David Roth, San Francisco, California; and George White, Waban, Massachusetts.