WABBAWorld Amateur Body Building Association (est. 1976)
WABBAWestern Australia Bed and Breakfast Association
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Winning gold medal in 2014 WABBA Universe meant a lot to Rambo, since he was away from participating in the championships for several years.
Kurdistan has many bodybuilders who have gained good results at World, Arab world countries, and Asian championships," Ismail added, "We are happy to participate at the WABBA activities aiming to serve Kurdish sports in general and benefit bodybuilders in particular.
Gerhard Neumer WABBA president, who also attended the ceremony, said "I am very happy to be here in Kurdistan.
The most delighting news for the attendees and the bodybuilders was the announcement of selecting Ahmad Rambo as the president of Asia branch of WABBA.
The referees of WABBA have been fairer than IFBB's.
WABBA have a branch in Iraq and Kurdistan Region headed by Ahmad Majeed, known as Ahmad Rambo.
I thank all of those who encourage me and support my sport," Ismail asks Kurdish bodybuilders to take part in both IFBB and WABBA championships since none of them contradicts the other.
Majeed was asked by WABBA to send his rA'sumA' and illustrate how he would be able to head the branch in Iraq.
After being recognized as the president of WABBA branch in Iraq, he started thinking of choosing some good bodybuilders to take part in the 2012 Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship held in Padua, Italy between June 9-11.
Majeed new career will be form a staff for WABBA branch.
In a near future I will disclose to all bodybuilders in a press conference on what standard WABBA is working in Iraq and who can work with me," When asked if he has received any support from the local government for the branch yet, Majeed answered "I haven't asked for any help from any sides so far.