WABLWashington Beer Lovers (Seattle WA)
WABLWestern Australia Basketball League
WABLWaratah Australian Basketball League (New South Wales, Australia)
WABLWest Akron Baseball League (Ohio)
WABLWilliam Adams Bachelder Library (East Andover, NH)
WABLWest Asheville Branch Library (Asheville, NC)
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To determine the values of Weighted Averaging Based on Levels (WABL) we will consider the following decomposition representation of the fuzzy number A:
the WABL value of the fuzzy number A, denoted I(A), is defined as
The parameters [c.sub.L] , [c.sub.R] and the function p(a) are called the WABL strategy parameters (briefly, parameters).
- University of California at San Francisco's Matthias Wabl, PhD, who will explore a concept that remnants of ancient viruses in our genome may be what triggers the lupus immune system attack-and that removing them may be key to stopping the disease process.
Author Martin Wabl claims Brigitta Sirny plotted with kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil to cover up her crimes.
Wabl, a former judge who helped in the hunt, also told the Austrian court the pair were seen together and Natascha's father never defended his ex-wife over abuse claims.
Retired judge Dr Martin Wabl has won the right to bring a civil court case which he insists will prove that Brigitta Sirny let men use Natascha for sex and was an accomplice in her abduction.
According to Dr Wabl, now one of Austria's leading politicians, the answers involve a sordid, sinister and shocking tale of abuse at the hands of her own mother.
Of all Wabl's evidence - including nine new witnesses - the most disturbing is four photographs of five-year-old Natascha, taken at home, naked and in provocative poses.
The attempt to support this conjecture by claiming that "the early Muslim scholars who, first, categorized and discriminated the Qur'anic surahs into a Makkan and Madinan periods, and second, established prior and posterior stages in the development of Qur'anic and hence Muslim dogma through their use of asbab al-nuzul criticism and especially that of al-jarh wabl tabdil" were, in fact, attempting to make sense of the "flux" through which Islam was supposedly passing, so that they could ascertain what is normative Islam, is a brazen act of intellectual dishonesty, for it takes these tools--which were employed by the early commentators of the Qur'an for the purpose of elucidation of the Divine message--out of their proper field and imposes them on a contemporary aberration.