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WABMWet Algemene Bepalingen Milieuhygiëne (Dutch: General Environmental Law Provisions)
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This is an exciting prospect to be able to work alongside and lead the teams at WTTO and WABM," commented Mr.
The licenses and substantially all of the other assets of WABM (TV) would be sold to a third party (the "Birmingham Buyer").
The assets to be sold to the Birmingham Buyer acquiring WABM will include many of the operational assets of both WTTO (TV) and WABM (TV) and after the sale WTTO (TV) will be collocated with WBMA-LD.
It is also believed that this complies with the duopoly rules because there are more than 8 independent voices in the Birmingham DMA, and WTTO is not among the top 4 rated stations in the market; Sinclair's ownership of both WJSU-TV/WCFT-TV and WTTO (TV) will simply replace the legal duopoly currently in the form of Sinclair's ownership of WTTO (TV) and WABM (TV).
Cost Technology developed WABM to allow its clients to achieve results and learning from ABC.
plans to implement WABM in its Retirement Plans Division.
He said, "Unlike conventional approaches to ABC, WABM takes ABC directly to the people who do the work and make the decisions.
Once fully implemented, WABM overcomes the problems of fragmented and isolated quality and accounting initiatives, and provides an integrated foundation for strategic and operational management.