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WABOWashington Association of Building Officials (est. 1977; Olympia, WA)
WaBoGerhard Walter-Bornmann (manager of a city district, Mainz, Germany)
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Mjaidi further accused the senior warden and the Coast assistant director of colluding to split WABO, resulting in the formation of a splinter association - Watamu Excursion of Marine Association (WEMA), "which they want to use as a shield to swindle the concession money".
He noted WABO helped initiate several projects in Watamu, among them a well-equipped community ambulance and construction of mosques and classrooms in schools.
Hussein Ahmed, a boat owner and a member of WABO, said that through the association they managed to enroll members for the National Hospital Insurance Fund and helped them to secure soft loans.
Ahmed Mohamed, another WABO member, said they were unable to sponsor students due to the loss of the funds.
Contacted for comment, the warden dismissed reports that he had refused to pay WABO members.