WABRWide Angle Bottom Reflection
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WHAT SHE WABR an SN LU mD ATE BEFORE REAKFAST: Croissant with bacon nd cheese, slice of chocolate cake NACK: 2 cans of diet Coke UNCH: Another slice of cake, eatball wrap INNER: Pasta in sauce, no veg NACK: Chocolates, doughnuts, weets I SN sw WHAT SHE EATS NOW REAKFAST: Porridge with chia eeds and blueberries NACK: Boiled egg UNCH: Chicken salad NACK: handful of nuts INNER: Salmon with steamed egetableSNACK: Fruit and Greek yoghurt se SN LU SN DI ve SN BEFORE: 19st 5lb SIDELINE All Karen could do was watch Sophie on the pitch
In WABR, the appellant, an Iranian, alleged that he was a homosexual and claimed that he feared persecution because homosexual conduct was illegal in Iran and that penalties ranged from death to flogging to imprisonment.