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WACCWeighted Average Cost of Capital
WACCWorld Association for Christian Communication
WACCWork Activities Coordination and Collaboration (workshop)
WACCWhittier Area Community Church (Whittier, California)
WACCWellington Acorn Computer Club (New Zealand)
WACCWilliamsport Area Community College (now the Pennsylvania College of Technology; Williamsport, PA)
WACCWest Auckland Community Church (UK)
WACCWaste Acceptance Criteria Committee
WACCWorld Africa Chamber of Commerce
WACCWarning & Caution Computer (aviation)
WACCWorld Altair Computer Convention
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L] $ Value Equation (in millions) % Error Correct Value (14) 71 -- Appraiser's Potential Error Rate consistent with WACC, p = 0 (10) 56 -21
EBIAT plus cash flow adjustments equals FCF, which is used to compute value using the after-tax WACC (WA CC).
A discount rate expressed as a WACC can be derived using a 'build-up' approach, which first entails determining the cost of unlevered equity, comprised of a 'base rate' of retum, plus and minus fact-specific adjustments, as deemed necessary.
Discount rate forecasts in managerial accounting of the MARR and the WACC are much higher than the costs of borrowing money that would be predicted from market rates of interest.
In implementing the WACC method it is also traditional to employ a discounted cash flow (DCF) procedure.
While not every issuer was sensitive to WACC, most appeared to be sensitive to stock price, with issuers taking different approaches to buybacks and related activities.
2 Vanilla WACC is derived from pre-tax debt and post-tax equity
To find out more call 01922 663000, or check out the College on Twitter @Walsall_ WACC
Yet women still lag behind as key decision-makers and sources in the media," says Debra Mason, director of the Center on Religion & the Professions at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia and a former WACC North America executive committee member.
We also think that since the longterm regulatory rate of return on new investments of 11% is below the company's WACC of 15.