WACCiWeighted Average Cost of Capital (finance)
WACCiWest Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (University of Ghana)
WACCiWisconsin Association of Computer Crime Investigators
WACCiWestern Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
WACCiWorldwide Amstrad Computer Club International
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Danquah, a professor of plant genetics and director of the Biotechnology Centre at the University of Ghana, founded WACCI in 2007 to train plant breeders to develop improved varieties of the indigenous crops of West and Central Africa.
According to the WACCI website, Africas food-insecure and malnourished population has more than tripled in the past 35 years and now numbers more than 214 million.
WACCI, a partnership between the University of Ghana and Cornell University, was originally established with funding from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa.
Since its inception, WACCI has enrolled 128 doctoral students from 19 African countries.
Under his leadership, WACCI has released three improved maize hybrids for commercialization in Ghana.