WACCMWhole Atmosphere Community Climate Model
WACCMWorld Association for Chinese Church Music
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We make use of model ouput from the recent version 3 of WACCM to illustrate the upward propagation of the ENSO signal and to show the mechanisms by which the signal reaches the stratosphere.
ANZCA will be sponsoring a number of events like 'Digging the Data' and WACCM this year, so make sure you keep an eye on your ANZCA mailing list for more information about how to join in.
2011), WACCM ozone forcing (c) Initialization 1 Jan, year 402 of 1850 Ensemble member 2: coupled control for 1 Jan 1920 of ensemble all model components member 1 started with (atmosphere, land, 1-day lagged ocean ocean, sea ice) temperatures Ensemble members 3-N: 1 Jan 1920 of ensemble member 1 for all model components; atmosphere with round-off (order of [10.